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Maggie and Geordie are Cairn Terriers, who live with Jill Arnel and her husband Larry Holtz.  Jill's two sons, Alan and Noah Martinson share the household, when they're around, which is not very often.

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Here is Geordie engaging in his life’s work. "Do what you love," he reminds us…

"The muddy will follow..."

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                                             photo by Kathi Lamm

Maggie makes a point of reminding us that a brisk walk through the ‘hood is both healthy and keeps us in touch with our surroundings and with our neighbors.

Maggie is sometimes known as The Bitch Goddess. We think this picture captures that essence. A girl of the new century, Maggie is clever, independent and self-assured.

                                                                                    photo by Kathi Lamm

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Geordie poses with the rosettes he has won at AKC Earthdog tests. He has attained the exalted level of Master Earthdog (ME). Read the account in his very own words. He is the third Cairn terrier to have qualified to that level.  The 4th is his brother Haggis.

Maggie leads Geordie in the Procession of the Hose  Brigade. The garden hose is one of the loves of Maggie’s life. Although she hates to swim, she regards the hose as the Fountain of Happiness and Joy.

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A study in motion. Geordie streaks across the yard to greet intruders. (Cairn terriers are great watchdogs, but they’re washouts as guard dogs.)

Ready? Well? Maggie is expecting ACTION. An avid soccer player, she is proficient at "headers" as well as stealing the ball from you. At her human brother Noah’s soccer game a few years back, teammates watched in awe admitting, "Man, she’s WAY better than WE are!"

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                                           photo by Kathi Lamm


Posing together, you see the family resemblance. Maggie and Geordie share the same mom but are the products of different "love affairs."

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Maggie (Joywood's Maggie Simpson, CGC, CDX) was born May 16, 1994. She’s a red brindle Cairn terrier, gradually getting darker. She competes in obedience and earned her CD (Companion Dog) title in consecutive shows in January 1999. In November, she earned her CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) title and is currently training in Utility. Among Maggie’s favorite foods are tuna fish, broccoli and lattes. SEE PEDIGREE  

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Geordie (Ch. Joywood's Geordie for MagaDog, ME, CGC, CD) was born August 7, 1995. He’s a gray brindle Cairn-- for now. A conformation champion and a Master Earthdog (ME), Geordie trains in obedience and earned his CD (Companion Dog) title in October 2000. When he’s not following me around the house, he’s excavating Grand Canyon-like trenches in our backyard or watching TV. He enjoys growling at bushes and flirting. SEE PEDIGREE ,


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