FUDGE Rules The FUDGE 1995 rules are the latest version, and should be the same as the printed book from Grey Ghost.

Scenarios and Source Material

Options and Addenda FUDGE Utilities Miscellany
Please note that some of the alternate magic systems were renumbered to correspond to the regular location of FUDGE magic; that is, all alternate magic systems were renumbered into 7.1-7.19, while all alternate psionic systems were renumbered to 7.2-7.29. In at least one case, the sections were slightly regrouped in order to fit the numbering into the required range. This was done for two reasons:
  1. It is confusing to have two magic systems at 7.1, one at 7.5, one at 7.8, and yet another spanning 7.1-7.7. By coordinating all the number, one always knows that magic can be found in section 7.1.
  2. When compiling a customized set of rules, it is nice to be able to simple remove the standard FUDGE magic system and substitute the system of your choice into the same section. Changing the numbering to a standard range facilitates this sort of thing.
I sincerely hope the original authors are not offended by this change. If so, please send me email and I will restore the original numbering scheme.