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  • Basilisk
  • Corpse Crawler
  • Fowl Bear
  • Strix (plural Striges)
  • Yakhmar (Ice Worm)
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  • How to use the bestiary in your game

    This site was created to serve two purposes: first, to provide a source for ready-to-use creatures for FUDGE gamers, and second, as an archive for the sporadic Monster of the Day (MOTD) posts to the FUDGE mailing list. I have tried to make the creatures as easy to use as possible by providing detailed descriptions and a common descriptive format. Naturally, such a format is limited

    Creature description format

    This is the standard format used to describe creatures. The categories are mostly self-explanatory. Note that powers refers to supernormal gifts, and faults includes both regular faults and supernormal faults.

      [optional introduction]
      [appearance and general description]
      [natural habitat, eating and mating habits, where it lives, etc]
      [how it fights]
      [creatures are often known by more than one name]
      [may or may not be true -- let the players find out the hard way]
      [variations the GM may want to try]
      [ideas for the GM on how to use this creature]
      Strength:        fair  (scale +0)
      Dexterity:       fair
      Constitution:    fair
      Reason:          fair  [optional "scale" such as animal or superhuman]
      Willpower:       fair
      Presence:        fair
      Perception:      fair
      Damage Capacity: fair  (hits 4/10)
      [supernatural abilities]
      [natural abilities]
      [natural weaknesses]
      Attack: fair
      Dodge: fair
      [other skills]
      Created/Adapted by [your name]
      [optional copyight]
      [optional source reference]

    Explanation of Traits

    The following list is an attempt to cover the standard attributes recognized by virtually all roleplaying games. The names attempt to be as descriptive as possible. As an aside, some names, such as dexterity, are not really accurate, but they are universally understood.

    Strength is just like every other roleplaying game: a measure of muscular might. Related to strength is Scale, which indicates a creature's size and weight. See the scale table for approximate values.
    Dexterity covers agility, quickness, and reflexes.
    Constitution encompasses health, endurance, fatigue, and toughness.
    Reason is intelligence and logic.
    Willpower is will, stubbornness, discipline, mental toughness, and perhaps even a hint of wisdom.
    Presence is charisma and social ability, a measure of the forcefulness of who you are. It is used to impress, frighten, intimidate, win friends, and influence people. Note that a really ugly monster might have high presence due to fear, or an otherworldly being might have a mystical presence. Presence is that indefinable something about a person that you can't ignore, tha compels your attention and response.
    Perception is alertness, awareness, and attention to detail. It is a combination of physical senses and mental perception.
    Damage Capacity is a generic measure of how much punishment the creature can soak up before becoming incapacitated. Every GM probably has her own way of interpreting this, so no attempt is made here to quantify it. The hits sub-trait is described elsewhere.
    Attack is the creatures ability to strike in combat. Usually this applies to natural weaponry, or to a preferred weapon.
    Dodge is the basic defense. Some creatures have other defenses as well, but this is the default.

    Using the creatures in combat

    Sad but true, most creatures in a fantasy game have short lives, and meet their fate at the end of an adventurer's sword. While this is situation is slowly improving, colorful and exciting battles nevertheless are a staple of fantasy roleplay, and probably always will be. This section in intended to help the GM with each of these aspects.


    Conflict would be boring if all the creatures were the same. Here are some suggestions for keeping things interesting:


    All too often, adventurers cut down monsters with hardly a second thought. There is little fear or excitement, just routine. Here are some suggestions to keep combat exciting:

    Submitting creatures to this site

    Anyone may submit creatures to this site. There are only three requirements:

    1. The creature must not be copyrighted by someone else. Feel free to adapt and borrow, but don't steal. This probably won't be a problem as you have to convert it to FUDGE anyway; don't send me anything that's been published by Grey Ghost.
    2. The creature must conform to the common format described above. You don't have to have all the categories, and you may certainly add to it if necessary. But at the least, I want a description, a value for each of the attributes, and attack/defense traits.
    3. You agree that your submission will be governed by the terms described in the legal notice. This does not mean you have to give me rights to your work. You may either retain the copyright (see below) or place it in the public domain.

    Any submission may be copyrighted by the original author (that means you). A copyright notice should be placed in the References section of the creature writeup. It would also be nice if you provide your name and email address, in case anyone wants to contact you. If you do copyright your submission, please indicate whether you will allow it to be published. If this site gets big enough it might be nice if Grey Ghost would publish a FUDGE Net Bestiary. But they could only do this if you give them permission to publish and sell your material. If you have any other provisions you want included in your copyright, be sure to state them.

    If you do not copyright your submission, I will mark it as public domain. That gives anyone the right to use and modify it as desired.

    Any submissions should be emailed to Mike Harvey in plain ascii form. I would prefer you do not send it in HTML format, so that I can make sure all the entries are formatted identically. If you do send HTML, make sure it follows exactly the same format as the other entries.

    I reserver the right to exercise editorial control over the submissions. In general, this will be limited to correcting spelling and grammatical errors, and formatting the entry to conform to the standard layout.

    Please read the legal notice.

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