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Fudge Rules

Online Fudge Rules. This is the June 1995 (final) version, in fully cross-referenced HTML. The web version is useful for creating custom versions of Fudge and posting them to a web page. You can also get all the HTML files as a ZIP archive. CLICK HERE

I have also converted a lot of other Fudge Resources from text to HTML.

Things that are Here...

Fudge Net Bestiary — Including the Monster-of-the-Day postings from the FUDGE mailing list
D&D Fudge — Combining Fudge with D&D

Fudge Web Utilities

Fudge Character Editor
Fudge Dice Roller
Adventure Idea Generator

Things that are Elsewhere...

Grey Ghost Games (Fudge owner and publisher)
Fudge Factor and don't miss The Older Archives (online Fudge magazine)

Commercial Fudge-Based Products

Hack and Slash

Rules Variants

Simple Fantasy Fudge
Dungeon Fantasy
FADAD (Fudgified AD&D)

Favorite Fudge Factor Articles

Converting d20 to Fudge (rules)
Fudge Feats (rules)
Experience-Free Skill Advancement (experience)
The Case for Aspects and Aspects Revisited (See also FATE RPG)
For Love or Honor (reputation)
This Time It's Personal (experience)
Fear Checks Revisited and Going Slightly Mad (fear in horror games)
Fudge Firefight Part I and Part II (gun battles in fudge)

Fudge on the Fly (character creation)
Timeline-Based Character Generation (See also FATE RPG)

Lord of the Dice (GMing technique)
Using the Circularity of Fudge (GMing technique)

Fudge Dungeon Crawl (genre adaptation - fantasy)

Department 13 (setting)
Pilger Priest of Horm (fantasy character)

Fudge Worlds

Agyris (fantasy)
Kalland (fantasy)

Ars Fudgica, a fantasy game.
USS Calypso, a Star Trek game.

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