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Welcome to my little roleplaying ghetto! I've enjoyed gaming for many years and have some stuff to share. If you'd like to read about my gaming background, click here.

Quick Links
If you're looking for the Fudge stuff I have on this site, here are some quick links:

Hypertext Fudge Rules in HTML (Latest version, June 1995)
Download a zip file of the HTML Fudge rules.

These pages all link to stuff I have on this site, and have further links to related sites.

Fudge — Lots of stuff here
Fantasy Hero
Classic Dungeons & Dragons

Other Stuff
Miscellaneous stuff on this site that isn't related to a specific game system.

Java Applets for RPGs
Names 2.01 (ZIP file) — Fantasy name generator. C source and DOS executable. Also compiles on Unix.
Someone did a very nice web version of Names, which you can find here.

Christian Gamers Guild page, including the Directory of Christian Roleplayers

These are all links to other roleplaying sites.

Need to find people to game with?
Dungeons & Dragons Player Registry — Exclusively D&D.
Access Denied — One of the largest online registries
Directory of Christian Roleplayers — Needs no explanation Local Gaming in Portland, Oregon
Portland Gamers — Find other gamers in the area
Rainy Day Games — Game shop (westside)
Bridgetown Hobbies and Games — Game shop (eastside)

Gaming Report — Gaming News
RPG.NET — Reviews and Columns
Christian Gamer's Guild

World Building

Real Men don't play GURPS — Funny
Conan the Barbarian for 3rd Ed D&D

Aria Roleplaying

My Gaming Background

I discovered RPGs in high school and have been hopelessly addicted ever since. I've been playing (on and off) for 20 years. I usually prefer to GM rather than play, and these days I prefer lightweight rules like Fudge. I just don't have a lot of time to waste any more, so what little time I do spend gaming should be spent on gaming, not rules lawyering.

I started with Basic D&D in 1982 — the old pink boxed set with the Erol Otus cover. I soon expanded to the matching Expert set and played with my brothers. At that time I did not know about any other games, and having very little money I made up all my own adventures.

Eventually I moved on to AD&D, though I felt the rules were too complicated. In college I discovered Fantasy Hero (1st Ed) and GURPS (the 2nd Ed boxed set). I fell in love with both, but especially Fantasy Hero. The rules were still complex like AD&D, but they allowed you to do ANYTHING! Besides I had loads of time and nothing better to do.

I gamed on and off for the next ten years or so. I "purged" at least twice, selling or discarding all my stuff for religious reasons. While I think it was an important step in my personal growth, I no longer have moral qualms about playing.

After getting married I got back into gaming. I played a variety of systems but landed on Fudge. It has its limitations, but overall gives me what I need in a game with a minimum of fuss. I've tried d20 and it's a servicable system, but not a favorite.

My wife has tried gaming a few times and found it not to her taste, although I still hope to find some approach that she'll enjoy. In the end, there's nobody else I'd rather play with.

I am a member of the Christian Gamers Guild, and served as president of that organization for a time.

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