Classic Dungeons & Dragons

This page is dedicated to Classic D&D. I use the '81 D&D Basic (Moldvay) and Expert (Cook/Marsh) rules, supplemented with the D&D Vol 1-3 plus the D&D Rules Cyclopedia. This page will grow as I add more stuff to it.


The Mountain of Evermore by Gregory B. MacKenzie
The Tomb of Gnasher III by Gregory B. MacKenzie
Vandar's Lost Home (
High Atop Dragonmount (
Palace of the Silver Princess (B3, orange cover)

Articles & Essays

Expanding Demihumans in D&D - (original material by Bryan J Maloney)

DM Screens & Tools

DM Screen -- landscape format, 3 panels. MS Word.

This is my DM screen for 1981 Basic and Expert D&D (Moldvay/Marsh/Cook). It packs a lot of information into three panels and covers everything I normally need to use in a game. The fonts are pretty small. This screen can be used as an insert in the vinyl GM screen from Pinnacle.

This screen follows the rules strictly with just a few deviations I am aware of:

Unified Wilderness Encounters -- Percentile encounter charts. MS Word.

The wilderness encounter tables in the '81 Expert set required you to make a series of rolls on table and subtables. This was a bit awkward and also made it harder to see at a glance what monsters inhabited each terrain type, or how frequently they might occur. I merged all the subtables into a set of unified tables, so a single percentile roll gives you the encounter type. All information, including encounter frequencies, is preserved. For each table there were a few percentage points that were unused, so I assigned these to "Special or DM choice". Since all monsters for a given terrain type are listed in a single table with percentage frequencies, it is easy to just pick a suitable monster instead of rolling. I had some extra room so I added a matrix showing wilderness movement rates for different armor types. I also created a new ARCTIC encounter table. These table fit on a single double-sided sheet. MS Word 2002 format.

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